22 January 2021 – Sideways

As I feared, Subway iv (brown) did not end last week. It dragged on sideways, although with a slight uptrend. The STI will have work hard to climb to the top of the trend channel, and then hopefully break out. Perhaps if there is improvement in the US-China relations, …

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15 January 2021 – Subwave i of Wave 3

Subwave iv (brown) appears to have completed and the STI is now progressing upwards in Subwave v (brown). According to the Elliott Wave Principle, Subwave v is frequently the same length as Subwave i. Thus Subwave v (brown) should end at about 3043. The five 

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8 January 2021 – Wave 3

Yesterday the STI jumped out of the trend channel with a gap up. Today it rose again with another gap up. It is obvious that the STI is now forming Wave 3 (orange), by initially forming Subwaves i, ii and iii (brown). Although I have put in the label for iii, it is …

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31 December 2020 – Resistance

Yesterday the STI hit the top of the trend channel and could not break through the resistance. Today it dropped back and it looks like Wave 2 will drag on further sideways next week. The political situation in USA is still causing nervousness 

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