13 December 2019 – Still At Crossroads

The STI shot up in the last three days. However, as you can see in the chart, the uptrend consists of three subwaves and so it could be a counter-correction wave. Therefore I am keeping the pessimistic …

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6 December 2019 – Crossroads

The STI is at a crossroads. There are signs of recovery from the uptick in the last two days, but the trend looks like it is still down. In the chart above I show the two possibilities. 

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29 November 2019 – Downtrend

The STI continued downwards over the week. I expect that this will continue next week. However, the structure shown in Diagram C of my 23 Nov blog is still a possibility. This will be the case if the STI reverses 

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23 November 2019 – Supplement: Wave Development Probabilities

My blogs on 15 and 21 November presented two different wave counts, one showing upward potential and the other a downward potential. I did warn in my 15 November blog that the situation was

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