19 April 2019 – Slow Uptrend

While it looks like Wave ii has completed, the subsequent uptrend has been rather slow and not indicative of a Wave iii. Thus it is possible that Wave ii may extend further  …

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12 April 2019 – Wave ii

I’ve brought my laptop on my vacation, so I’m able to continue to blog. 

In my blog last week I said that I expect Wave ii to form 

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5 April 2019 – Losing Momentum

The STI continued to rise, but appears to be losing momentum. This signifies that we could see the corrective Wave ii forming next week. I have tentatively put in …

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3 April 2019 – Supplement: Uptrend

The STI has risen steeply this week. It is clear that a bottom has formed and we are seeing an impulse wave forming. This would be Wave 1, to be followed 

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