9 April 2021 – Subwave iv Progressing

Minor Wave v (red) did indeed tick up a bit early this week. I have put in the labels in black for the small subwaves of Minor Wave v, so that readers who are students of the Elliott Wave Principle

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1 April 2021 – Subwave iv Forming

The top on Tuesday marks the end of Minor Wave v (red) as well as Subwave iii (brown). Subwave iv (brown) has started and may take a few more days to complete. Then ...

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26 March 2021 – Subwave iv

It looks like Minor Wave v (red) has completed, which completes Subwave iii (brown). This will lead to Subwave iv (brown) forming next week. Typically, Subwave iv will go sideways. 

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19 March 2021 – Minor Wave v

As expected, we saw Minor Wave iv (red) going sideways. After it ended, Minor Wave v (red) started, going upwards. It is not likely to be long. Its end will mark the end of Subwave iii (brown) …

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