8 March 2021 – Supplement: Massive Jump

The STI had a huge jump today with a large gap up. I’m writing this supplement as there is a learning point for those readers interested in the Elliott Wave Principle (EWP). From the chart you can see that the STI is now forming …

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5 March 2021 – Uptrend

The STI was up for the first four days of this week. It closed down today, but by less than one point. The index had a higher intraday high and a higher intraday low compared to yesterday. Thus the uptrend continued on today. I have tentatively 

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26 February 2021 – Still Hope

Despite the big drop in the STI today, I’m keeping to the positive outlook, as the wave structure formed this week can be the beginning of Subway iii (brown). The gap up yesterday is significant and today the STI ended near the intraday high. However 

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19 February 2021 – Some Hope

The wave pattern is still uncertain. The positive outlook is as labelled in the chart. This shows that Subwave ii (brown) has ended, and we expect, or hope, that next week, Subwave iii (brown) will form, rising upwards, presenting buying opportunities …

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