7 May 2021 – Subwave v Rising Now?

My optimism was misplaced. Subwave v (brown) has not formed yet and instead the STI went further sideways. Looking at the wave structure of Subwave iv (brown), a triangle 

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30 April 2021 – Subwave v Rising

It appears that Subwave iv (brown) did indeed end last week and Subwave v (brown) is forming. There is still a probability that Subwave iv did not end and could drag on sideways ...

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23 April 2021 – Subwave iv Ended?

Subwave iv (brown) appears to have ended and Subwave v (brown) has started. However, it is probable that Subwave iv will drag on further sideways to form a triangle. 

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16 April 2021 – Subwave iv Stretching

Subwave iv (brown) continued to move sideways with a slight upward bias these last few days. I would expect the stretching to continue next week as shown in the chart. Despite the good …

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