14 February 2020 – Still Downwards

The STI rose over the week, but faltered today. The prognosis is still a downtrend, to test the support lines shown as blue dotted lines in the chart. The COVID-19 problem has not subsided and will affect 

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7 February – Dead Cat

The STI rose strongly in the middle of the week, closing the big gap formed on 28 Jan, the day after the Chinese New Year holidays. Today it dropped by 50 points. It was a dead cat bounce. The STI is 

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31 January 2020 – More Downside

Since 21 Nov last year I have been predicting a sharp fall in the STI. The uptrend since early December gave a false sense of hope of a recovery. However, as stated in my blogs the uptrend was choppy with 

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24 January 2020 – Downtrend Begins

The STI started the downtrend this week, possibly developing into a five-subwave impulse wave down to complete the 3-3-5 flat Wave abc (brown). Initial confirmation of this structure will be presented … 

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