27 March 2020 – Steep Correction

The STI continued upwards, so I have maintained the wave count shown in my previous blog on 25 March. This has required me to make an exception in labelling Subwave iv (brown), which is the first time … 

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25 March 2020 – Supplement: Second Rally Attempt

The STI made a second rally attempt from yesterday. The strong rise up today seems to confirm that the STI has bottomed out on Monday. The wave count …

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23 March 2020 – Supplement: Failed Rally Attempt

The rally attempt by the STI last Friday was not followed through today. Instead the STI gapped down rather drastically. The failed rally attempt has made the outlook become more bleak. Below is the 

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20 March 2020 – Still Not Bottom?

The STI dropped further over this week. It rose strongly today, especially in the late afternoon. So the big question is: Has the STI bottomed out? If my wave count is correct, the STI has completed the five minor 

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