15 November 2019 – Wave 4 Ended?

Wave 4 (brown) has formed three subwaves, so it appears that the wave is complete. It stopped slightly after the 23.6% retracement and short of the top of Wave 1 (brown). But we cannot be sure 

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8 November 2019 – Wave 4

Wave 3 completed yesterday and Wave 4 started today. According to the Elliott Wave Principle (EWP), Wave 4 will most likely retrace Wave 3 by the Fibonacci ratio of 38.2%. However if you look at the chart, this will mean that Wave 4 will get into the territory of 

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1 November 2019 – Correction

It appears that the STI reached the top of Subwave iii (brown) on Tuesday 29 Oct and is now going through a correction which would be Subwave iv (brown). On completion, the STI will rise up, 

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25 October 2019 – Still Going Up

Minor Subwaves iii and iv (green) have been formed and Minor Subwave v (green) is in progress. Its completion will complete Subwave iii (brown). Then Subwaves iv and v (brown) will follow to 

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