16 August 2019 – New Wave Count

The previous wave count has been invalidated. The new count is shown above. I had to examine the longer term monthly and weekly STI charts to derive the daily wave count. …

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8 August 2019 – Wave 2 Near Bottom?

Wave 2 appears to be an expanded flat, with Subwave c about to be completed. The wave count will be invalidated if Subwave c drops below 3104.03 which is the start of Wave 1 (red). It is a rule in the 

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2 August 2019 – Wave 2 Decline

The worsening Singapore economy caused the stock market to decline and the deepening US-China trade war made matters worse. The STI dropped drastically over the week. However if we look at the

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26 July 2019 – Wave 2 Stretching Out

We will have to wait to see how the current wave structure will develop next week.  Wave 2 (red) is stretching out, but is getting support from the midline of the correction channel. Hopefully this …

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