17 January 2020 – Still Pessimistic

The STI continues to melt up. There is no sign of any price impulse activity. So the prognosis remains pessimistic. The current Wave abc (brown) structure could be a 3-3-5 flat, with Subwave a having 

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16 January 2020 – Supplement: Alternative Wave Count

The STI has been creeping up since 4 Dec 2019 with a lot of choppiness, a “melt up” that is typical of a counter-correction wave. As an exercise I have analysed the waves and come out with an alternative wave count 

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10 January 2020 – Uncertainty

The STI has moved sideways over the last few trading days. This is a sign of uncertainty, with the STI undecided whether to go down or up. Today’s candlestick is a doji, which is a pattern formed 

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6 January 2020 – Supplement: Downtrend Confirmed

The STI continued downwards, doing so with a gap. This is the Confirmation candle which confirms the downtrend which was indicated by the Dark … 

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