22 May 2020 – Going Down

The STI dropped substantially today due to investors getting increasingly fearful over the worsening US-China relations and the premature easing of COVID-19 lockdowns in many countries. The proposed 

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15 May 2020 – Potential Downturn

The STI’s upside potential has weakened considerably. There is now a strong probability that Minor Subwave ii (black) will continue downwards. But the current wave count is still valid. It will be 

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8 May 2020 – Sluggish

The current Minor Subwave iii (black) is rather sluggish. It is now probable that the STI is going sideways. However, the wave count as shown has not been invalidated. So I shall keep it until proven …

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30 April 2020 – Minor Subwave iii

Finally the STI showed some life today. It gapped up strongly, which is a characteristic of a third wave. It is possible that Minor Subwave iii (black) will rise up to about 2850. This is based on the

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