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ISBN: 1596223596

Length: 492 pages

Format: 8.5 x 5.5 inches


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A Comprehensive Approach to Investment Practices & the Entire Operations of a VC Firm

Venture Capital Fund Management is an essential and informative book for:
  • Venture capital and private equity investment practitioners
  • Legal and accounting professionals, bankers, investment advisers and consultants
  • Entrepreneurs and business angel investors
  • Business school undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Casual readers interested in how venture capitalists work and make money
About the Author

Lin Hong Wong combines his extensive experience and knowledge acquired from a decade as a senior partner in a leading Asian venture capital firm and nine years as a CEO of high-tech manufacturing companies, as well as several years as a mentor in a start-up incubator, to present a practice-based and very comprehensive treatment of venture capital fund management and investment. Lin Hong Wong is presently the Managing Director of Wingz Capital Pte Ltd (