30 July 2021 – Still Wishing

It is clear now that Little Wave e (black) has ended and the STI is climbing up. Today’s index bar compared to yesterday’s bar has a higher high and a higher low. This indicates that the STI 

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26 July 2021 – Supplement: Wishing

This supplement is for me to indulge in wishful thinking, perhaps. Subwave ii (red) seems to be revealing its structure. It appears to be a combination correction, consisting of a flat 

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23 July 2021 – On And On

And so it goes, on and on. The STI is oscillating within the trading range between the top of Subwave i (red) at 3194.190 and its 61.8% retracement level at 3088.982. It seems that 

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16 July 2021 – Stretching Out

The STI continues to stretch out, giving no clue as to when it will stop. This could be Subwave ii (red) expanding sideways, or perhaps Wave 4 (red) doing the same. The silver lining is that some ...

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