11 June 2021 – Sideways

The STI continued with its sideways correction over the week. This correction could be an extended Subwave ii (red), or it could even be an extended Wave 4 (red). As can be seen 

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4 June 2021 – Adjustment

The STI dropped this whole week. The intraday low today is above the top of Subwave i (red) as it was labelled last week, but very close to it. Thus this week’s wave is unlikely to be 

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28 May 2021 – Subwave iii

The STI has been rising daily this week. It looks like Subwave ii (red) has completed and Subwave iii (red) is forming. There was a gap up today which is a good sign, but the close was near the ...

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21 May 2021 – A Bottom

The STI reached a bottom last Friday and is labelled as the end of Wave 4 (red). This week it appears to have formed Subwave i (red) and is now forming Subwave ii (red), which make up the beginning 

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