17 September 2021 – Long Wait

It looks like it will be a long wait for the STI to complete its sideways correction. Investors are just standing by the sidelines, hoping that the rain clouds will clear up. But even so the 

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10 September 2021 – Unending

The sideways correction in the STI is unending. It looks like Wave 4 (red) will still be extending sideways. I have left the wave labelling alone as the wave structure is uncertain. Let us hope …

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3 September 2021 – Wave 4 Extended

The STI plunged further this week. I have relabelled the wave count, assuming the recent bottom to be the end of an extended Wave 4 (red). However there is no guarantee that ...

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27 August 2021 – No Support

The STI lost support at the 61.8% retracement of Subwave i (red), plunging down with a gap. The outlook is bleak. Next week the STI is likely to continue further down. This could mean that 

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